Introducing the KaBoat™ – The Versatile Crossover Between an Inflatable Boat and Inflatable Kayak.

Is it a boat, is it a kayak? No, it is a KaBoat! Saturn Inflatables announcing release of a brand new head-turning futuristic inflatable vessel called KaBoat, an innovative crossover between a Kayak and a Boat and it's the newest and coolest way to get you on the water on a budget.

KaBoat vessel utilizes the best of both, inflatable kayaks and boats, and delivers them in a slim new design. The narrow hull modeled after speedy Dragon type-boats that are very popular in Asia. Narrow hull is what lets the KaBoat glide with minimum resistance over surface of the water at speeds faster than traditional boats with same size motors.

Slim KaBoat hull uses less power to move through the water, and therefore it is best vessel to use with electric trolling motors, making it a truly eco-friendly, green boat. Inflatable KaBoat is also very small and portable when deflated. KaBoat can easily fit into the trunk of any type of cars. The KaBoat can be used for fishing, pleasure cruising or as a tender between mainship and land.